Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog 5 - 
This is a bitter sweet thank you to all my classmates at Kendall College.  For me, this has been a three year journey.  Many things have changed since I first set my goal to earn my BA in ECE.  Discussions were a big insight in every class as we shared how we do things differently.  I enjoyed your ideas and suggestions and took many to heart.  This class has been very challenging for me and many of you offered help above and beyond what the assignment required.  Thank you and God bless all of you as you complete this journey.  Be proud of your accomplishments.  Wendy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Module 4 Blog -
I am now in panic mode because my presentation is Thursday, May 17.  I had to do it early because school is out soon and it was the only time everyone I needed was available.  So!!!! Help!!!!!  I am hoping I am okay and am on track.  I have never second guessed myself so much in my life.  My plan is to hold the presentation at the elementary school where the teachers, administrators, and parents are comfortable.  I have a PowerPoint about the importance of literacy and my goals and strategies.  I will serve a snack, show and read my PowerPoint and elicit feedback.  Do you think these are good feedback questions:?  žWhat suggestions do you have to improve this advocacy plan?
žIs there anyone other than those in this meeting that you think would be a good advocate for this plan? žWhat do you feel is the strong point of this plan?
žWhat do you feel is the weak point of this plan?
žDo you think the goals support the plan?
Can you give me other suggestions for feedback questions?  If you want to give me feedback on my PowerPoint, I can send it to you.  I found I got most of my information for my presentation from the research paper I did last semester.  All that work paid off.  Is that what you used or did you find other sources more useful?  Good luck to everyone, Wendy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Module 3 Blog

A quote that you find inspirational regarding the role that advocacy can have in the lives of young children and their families. Then, post responses to the following:  
One of the people I interviewed stated that there have been many times when she was the only one who stood up to do the right thing for a parent or child.  It is so much easier to dismiss wrong doings because we are so busy and can easily use that as an excuse.  She went on to say that making excuses is such a waste of time and even if we don't succeed, at least we tried. 
    • What inspires and excites you most about your advocacy plan and being an advocate?
    • I have a goal and want to accomplish it.  My plan is to bring awareness to breaking the cycle of poverty through literacy.  It is exciting because literacy really can make a difference for those children who are stuck in poverty.  It is their way out if we can get parents to buy into the importance of education for their child.  I have never thought of myself as an advocate.  The person I work with is a great advocate and always knows exactly the right people to contact and she doesn't stop until she has accomplished her goal.  I wish I had her confidence.
    • What challenges and/or anxieties do you feel related to engaging in the advocacy efforts you have targeted?
    • I am an introvert and don't enjoy stepping out into the spotlight so the biggest challenge has been the anxieties that comes with collaborating with people and asking people to attend my presentation.  I have to have a good relationship with a family before I am comfortable presenting my ideas to them.  Hopefully this class help build my confidence. 
    • What do you believe will be most effective in helping you overcome any challenging emotions you may be feeling with regard to presenting and implementing your Advocacy Action Plan?
    • I think I would feel better if I knew I was on the right track and that my presentation is what the professor is looking for.  I don't like feeling unsure about my work and get stressed out.
    • How can you encourage others in their advocacy efforts, and how can others encourage you?
    • If you want me to review you advocacy plan, I would be happy to review it just to see if I understand what you are presenting.  If anybody wants to read my advocacy plan and give me feedback, I would appreciate it.
    • Best of luck to everyone!  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Internship II

Hello to all my excited Internship II classmates!  We are so close to reaching our goals.  I have never developed an advocacy plan before so it will be yet another new experience for me.  Best of luck to everyone as we reach out to others and grow in our professional careers.